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President Ton Duc Thang Museum

This museum is a short walk from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City, not far from the Saigon River. The museum displays the life of Ton Duc Thang (TDT) who in 1929 was sentenced to 20 years impison of hard labor in Con Dao prison. He lived there for 15 years and saw five prison directors in that time. Ton Duc Thang fought against harsh rules and saw much suffering from the diseases of prison life. The museum displays the scariest place of Con Dao prison, the rice grinding cellar used for murdering prisoners.


Ton Duc Thang was instrumental in turning prison life into a revolutionary school, he remained positive, optimistic and loved life as an honest, selfless man.


This small museum introduces the life of Ton Duc Thang, his life in prison, and his career as President.

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