Tunisia 5

Lake Ichkeul, Hammamet, Bizerte, Taher Landoulsi (Tidgi)

Lake Ichkeul is the last great freshwater lake of a chain that once stretched the length of North Africa.  Characterised by a very specific hydrological functioning based on a double seasonal alternance of water levels and salinity, the lake and the surrounding marshes constitute an indispensible stop-over for the hundreds of thousands of migratory birds that winter at Ichkeul.

UNESCO Worl Heritage Site : Outstanding Universal Value


Hammamet: One of the most popular tourism attractions in Tunisia, this town used to be a small fishing town, and was redone to bring in tourists,

Bizerte is the oldest city in Tunisia, the northernmost city in Africa. Bizerte lies along the Mediterranean coast and is the least Tunisian, and the most French city in Tunisia.